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05 February 2010 @ 07:52 pm
すなどけい (Sunadokei) - Chapter 5  
Title: すなどけい (Sunadokei)
Author: blue_fire0013 
Genre: AU, angst
Pairing: Akame, Junda, TaNaka and more to come
Rating: PG-13 for now, maybe comes up later
Disclaimer: Even if I really want to own them but Johnny-san won’t share them with me~~
Summary: Love is never come from an easy way. For the one they love, they must fight till the end. But how long can they last? Or they will give up half way? No one know the answer except themselves
A/N: Thanks fire-chan firehead41  for beta-ing

    CHAPTER 5 : Hidden truth

Jin suddenly woke up with a loud bang which almost gave him a heart attack. After regaining his consciousness, Jin looked around the cave. The rain had stopped pouring for a long time but they couldn’t go back now. There’s no sunlight anymore, so it’s dangerous to go outside.

“You’re awake?” A soft voice took his mind back to the cave.

When Jin turned around, what he saw was the most interesting thing he’d ever saw since he came to the Kamenashi household. Kazuya, with the small pot still on his hand. Being caught by Jin, a tint of blush slowly showed up on Kazuya’s face.

“Youn…Kame, what are you doing?” Jin could guess what Kazuya was doing but seeing that may be a chance to tease his master, Jin couldn’t let it slip away.

“I found that pot in your bag and some herbal in the forest, so I want to make something for us. Those herbal can help us in prevention of cold or at least, we’ll have something in our empty stomach.” He continued talking “And besides, do you have a “predict talent” or just because of over worry that you put so many things on your pack?” Kazuya completed with a smirk.

“No, how can I predict those things, it’s just that maybe we will need them like now.” Flushed Jin try to reason to Kazuya.

“Ah, I see. So you’re really a mother hen, nee~~~~~~, Jin-mama~~~.” The young master hadn’t given up on teasing his poor servant.

“No, I’m not. Stop teasing me~~~.” A huge pout was clearly seen on Jin’s face. And it made Kazuya burst out laughing.

Jin really loves to hear those laughs. It means that Kazuya had fun and his efforts weren’t wasted. In the first month, he didn’t see him smile at once. A long time later, with determination, Jin had used many ways to make the younger feel happy, even if it means he must do some silly things. But seeing Kazuya’s smile is really worth it. Past is past, just drowning in the past make you lose the future in front your eyes. May be he didn’t know about Kazuya’s past but he wants the boy to live fully, aiming for his future.

“Okay, I’ll stop. Here, drink it; it’s good for your health.” Kazuya said, handling Jin the herbal drink.

The herbal is really helpful. It made him feel more relaxed and his head could think more clearly.

“I guess that we must stay at this cave for tonight. Nee, why don’t you tell me about your life, your family? It’s a good way to spend time.” And it’s a good chance for you to know him more. A chibi version of Kazuya smirk from that thought but soon replaced by another thought. Silly me. Why is it that recently my head’s always flooded with his image? Ugrr…get a hold of yourself, Kamenashi Kazuya.

“Hah? You want to know about me, Kame? This is so rare~~~.” Replied Jin with a naughty smirk on his face.

“Forget it, I haven’t said anything. Just sleep.” Kazuya quickly turned around to hide his embarrassment.

“Haha, sorry. I’ll tell you. My tou-chan is a wonderful person. Since I was a child, I really love him. He taught me many things in the world. You know, I’m not a smart child, sometimes I can’t understand what happens around me. But tou-chan’s always there, explaining everything to me, taught me even the smallest things. But my world completely stumbled down the day he left me to another world.” A tear threatened to fall down as he said. “After my tou-chan’s death, my mother became an addict to liquid and young men. She used all the money I made for her hobby and even make some debt. In the end, I was sold in order to pay that. What I worry most now is my brother, he’s still so young.” And that one more person who gives me hope is you.. I’ll erase all your sadness away. Definitely.

Jin’s past wasn’t a happy one but at least, Jin still had his tou-chan. But for Kazuya, he had no one. I can tell how much he loves his father just by looking at his sparkling eyes when he speak about him. For me, I don’t even know what love is.. Sometimes I wish I can experience it once, even it costs me my life.

“What’s about you, Kame? I told you my story, so tell me yours.” Once again, the sincerity in Jin’s voice made Kazuya forget about the distance between them.

“I don’t know much about my mother because she died after giving birth to me. And that must have been the reason why my father hates me. For when the cost of me being born is my own mother’s life.. For him, she’s the most important person but I took her away. With all that, he treats me so strictly, I can’t even do the things I wanted to. I guess it’s my punishment after all…”

“Kazuya…” His name slipped off Jin’s mouth naturally without his realization. And that made Kazuya so surprised. It’s the first time someone has called his name with such a deep feeling like that. “Sorry, I’m not supposed to call you like that…”

Jin’s apologize soon but he was cut off when Kazuya spoke. “It’s okay. I’ve already called you Jin, so it’s just fair.” The sincere smile of him made Jin so weak in the knee.

“I just want to say that it’s wrong to think like that. Kazuya, just think about it, your mother lost her life by giving birth to you. She gave her life to you, with hope that you will live a happy life. She chose to protect you by sacrificing her life because she’s your mother. You must be proud of her and you must not think it’s your fault. That’s your life and no one has the right to control it, you must live for you, not for anyone. If you just continue thinking that you’re the one at fault, you’ll feel sad. So never think like that, okay?.” Jin’s voice increased a little to emphasize his point.

Noticing the shocked look on Kazuya’s face, Jin realized he has crossed the line between them. “Sorry, I shouldn’t talk like that. But I’m not going to regret about what I said to you because I don’t think it’s wrong”

Just by the night, Kazuya has experienced many new things. No one ever said things like that to him, especially those things Jin has said. They just don’t care what of what might happen to him because they’re scared of his father. Even his close friend didn’t call him wrong like that. Those words got stuck on his head and gave him another hope to live. Maybe, just maybe, I can live another life from now on. And that’s all because of you, Jin..

“You’re so interesting. I won’t blame you for this. I’ll think about what you said.”


‘The rain had wet all my clothes; I need to find a place to dry it.’ Koki thought just before he saw another man. Lucky for him, it’s the man he met the other day day, Maru.

“Hey there, what are you doing here?” Koki quickly approached the said man.

“Ah, you’re Koki-san. I’m looking for some wood, my house run out of it. You got caught in the rain, right? Your clothes are all wet.” Maru asked with a concerned voice.

“Yeah, so unlucky, nee~I have some business to do at the other side of this forest. But before I can do that, all you see is me here, wet from head to toes.”

“I saw a cave over there when I picked up some wood. Let’s go there so we can dry your clothes. You’ll catch a cold from all the wet.” While speaking, Maru pointed to a direction in front of their eyes to show to cave.

“Thank you. You’re so kind, nee.” Kind, this is the fact that can’t be changed no matter what happens. When he’s still with Jin, he took care of him like his mother, even Jin called him mama to tease his overly kindness. But, after all, it’s his strongest point.

They headed toward the cave, bringing some wood to light up. But just the first step made Maru frozen in his spot. The friend he’s searching for so long now is in front of his eyes. It’s hard to believe that he even used his hand to rub his eyes to make sure his eyes are not deceiving him.

“J…Jin, is that you? Do you know how worried I am for you? Why didn’t you contact me?” He run to his friend’s side and gave him a tight hug.

“Maru, I missed you too. I’m sorry that I hadn’t contacted you for months. You know, I’m very busy with my new life.” Jin reassured his friend. He didn’t expect to meet his friend at that moment. “Nee, mama~~~, here’s the Master I’m living with, Kamenashi Kazuya.”

“Ah, Kamenashi-san, nice to meet you. I’m Nakamaru Yuichi but just call me Maru like him.” Maru said with a bow.

“Nice to meet you too. Don’t worry about Jin. I think his life now is even better than before, we don’t treat him bad. Call me Kame, I don’t like the sound of Kamenashi-san.” The sincere smile from Kazuya made Maru slightly shocked. Of course he knew the name Kamenashi. It’s one of the noble families in their country after all. From all that he knew, noble people usually contempt those ones lower than them. They don’t talk with them, so smile is a never. But Kazuya just smiled with him and he could even feel the friendly aura from the younger boy.

“You said he’s Kamenashi Kazuya, right? So, kid, are you from the Kamenashi family? What’s your relationship with Kamenashi Toshiro?” They’re so surprised by the low voice behind them. It’s hard to tell what Koki felt that time.

“Sorry for not introducing him. He’s Tanaka Koki, he once helped me…” Maru said with hope to break the awkward tension.

Standing up from where he was sitting, Kazuya slowly walked towards the bald man. “Yes, I’m from Kamenashi family and he’s my father. What’s your business with him?”

“Then, you’re so unlucky to meet me here.” with that, Koki quickly grabbed a small knife hidden inside his clothes and attacked Kazuya.

Before realizing what just happened, Kazuya was pushed over by a shadow. When he regained his conscious, Kazuya saw Jin hold Koki tightly, his hand hold Koki’s wrist to prevent him from attacking Kazuya.

“I don’t know what’s your fucking problem with Kamenashi household or with Toshiro, but no one can hurt Kazuya, not even me and definitely not you.” Jin said still holding Koki.

“Let me go, you hear it, LET ME GO. You don’t know how much his father made me suffer.” Koki still tried to get out of Jin’s strong hold.

Seem dazed from what just happened right in front their eyes, Kazuya and Maru couldn’t do anything. But somehow, an unknown feeling started to stir inside Kazuya’s heart. Seeing Jin tried to prevent Koki from his attempt, he’s so worried for the man’s safe. The knife still on Koki’s hand and it’s been drew near them. If one of them breaks out, there’s a chance that the knife might hurt them.

“Yes, I don’t know it. But does Kazuya know it? Besides, even if something happened, it’s because of his father. Don’t put the blame on someone you didn’t even know.” Jin’s voice snapped Kazuya out of his thought.

Jin’s word really made a big impact to Kazuya. People usually said “Like father like son”. That’s why he didn’t have much friend when he was young. Everyone around him, some of them approaches him because of his family or his status, some of them avoid him because they are scared of his father, and even some think that he may be like his father, a cruel and fearful person. But gladly, he found some good friend despite that.

“Koki-san, I don’t know what happened but can you calm down a little bit and tell me your problem. If it’s anything involving me, then I’ll accept my fate decided by your hand.” Kazuya said, bowing down his head. He’s not his father; he does not run away from things. If he’s the one at fault, he’ll accept it pay for it.

“Kame is right, Koki, won’t you calm down and tell us about your story. Nothing will change when you kill an innocent person.” Maru couldn’t just watch everything. Seeing Jin willingly sacrificed his life to protect his Master, he knew that a strong bond has connected them together. And besides, despite the scary appearance, something from Koki told him that he’s not a bad person.

“Ok, I give up for now. And you, if you want to know the truth, why don’t you go home and ask your beloved father. But I’m not sure if he can tell you his crime. And now, let go of me.” Just when Jin lost his hold, Koki quickly went out of the cave.

“Sorry for all the trouble he’s making. I still have many things to talk with you, Jin, but I’m so worried about him. So I’ll take my leave too. See you later, Kame, Jin.” With that, Maru also left the cave to follow Koki.

“I wonder what he’s talking about. Have you done something so terrible, otou-san?” Sadness was clearly seen from his face. Kazuya felt his strength bit by bit left his body; his legs decided to give up. Without their support, he fell down to the cold ground.

Seeing Kazuya like that made Jin’s heart wrench so badly. Slowly he approached the younger one, Jin sat down beside him and hugged him.

“Don’t worry, Kazuya. Everything will be alright.”

I said everything will be alright but I wonder about that. But seeing him like this, those words just slipped out off my mouth. Be strong, Kazuya.

I can’t see or imagine the future of us
Even a slightest light I also couldn’t see
Us – or you and me
What are waiting for us, I don’t know and don’t even want to know
Beside you, that’s enough…


pinkporcapinkporca on March 15th, 2014 12:57 pm (UTC)
Hi, just stumbled across this fiction and wanted to know if you will continue it. I would love to read it.