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05 February 2010 @ 07:47 pm
すなどけい (Sunadokei) - Chapter 4  
Title: すなどけい (Sunadokei)
Author: blue_fire0013 
Genre: AU, angst
Pairing: Akame, Junda, TaNaka and more to come
Rating: PG-13 for now, maybe comes up later
Disclaimer: Even if I really want to own them but Johnny-san won’t share them with me~~
Summary: Love is never come from an easy way. For the one they love, they must fight till the end. But how long can they last? Or they will give up half way? No one know the answer except themselves
A/N: Thanks fire-chan firehead41  for beta-ing

    CHAPTER 4 : Endless rain

“Haven’t I told you that? Don’t talk about this again. You’re a Kamenashi and nothing can change that fact!”

“But Otou-san, this is my life and I….”

A loud slap came from where Toshiro’s hand met Kazuya’s face before Kazuya finished his line, the sound echoing clearly throughout the room. This might the first time Kazuya was struck in his entire life. And what’s hurt him the most is the fact that it came from his father.

“I said no and no. Don’t you understand me? How many times must I tell you to make you not to do such a ridiculous thing again? Now, get out. I don’t want to see your face anymore.”

Knowing he couldn’t win with his father being his opponent, Kazuya went out. It’s just like every argument between him and his father. Every time he brought up that issue, he couldn’t bring his father to accept his way to live. Today might be the climax though. His father had slapped him for the first time in his life. Yes, he was a Kamenashi, but he was still a human being.

So what makes him different from everyone? His class, of course.


The way he acted might make people think he’s just some drama queen that aped the things which didn’t belong to him. He really hated the false way people treated each other despite the fact he had to act that way too. So, the one he hated the most was himself. He hated for being so weak, not strong enough to stand for his opinion.

Thinking didn’t help him solve his problem, so he decided to go to the forest near his mansion. After quickly changing into his casual clothes, he called the servant to prepare his horse for him. Just when he took his horse to leave the mansion, a voice stopped him.

“Young Master, are you heading out?” Jin asked with a worried expression on his face.

“I need a breather.” Kazuya didn’t feel any reason to be angry with the older boy.

“Ano…Can I accompany you? I mean, it may be dangerous for you to go alone.” Jin innocently scratched his head while he said his thoughts.

“I’ll be fine,” Kazuya protested. He didn’t want to deal with the older boy at that moment. The more time he spent with Jin, the more he couldn’t control himself.

Jin’s expression faltered. “But I’ll be scolded for not taking care of you properly. You remembered what Ueda-san told me?” All or nothing, he would risk his life for this chance.

Suddenly remembering what Tat-chan said to the older boy when they first met, he felt a large sweat drop form at the back of his head, as if he were a picture in a manga. Tat-chan’s seemed like a nice person, but when it came to his Kazuya, he was like your legend’s most murderous vampire. He’s so willing to tear anyone apart if they hurt Kazuya, physically or mentally. In Jin’s case, if he couldn’t protect Kazuya, he would personally see to his death.

Not enjoying the thought of dealing with his closest friend’s wrath if it were to suddenly be upon him, Kazuya resigned himself to accepting Jin’s company.

“I’ll let you come along, but don’t make yourself become a burden to me.” Yeah, a moody Kazuya was also a harsh Kazuya. “Hey, Tooru!” he called to another servant. “Please bring him a horse also!”

When a horse was brought over, Kazuya climbed onto his own mount and started his trip to the forest. When he was a child, he and his friends, which were of course Tat-chan and Yamapi, sometimes went there to pick strawberries and mushrooms; being with his friends always made him feel less upper class and more settled. He never had to fake a smile.

But now, coming to that special place with Jin felt like an entirely different matter. He knew Tat-chan and Yamapi for many years, but Jin, it has only been a few months. Why he could be so open whenever his servant was around? He was never anxious whenever he was around him.

Like now.

It has never happened before. The friendly aura around the older boy made him feel at ease. In one way, he wanted to talk more, stay with him, but in another, he was scared about this new feeling he could not even name yet. And he didn’t want to spend more time than he should with Jin before he could even describe the feeling swelling within him.

The sun hardly reached the deep of the forest. Fresh air gently wrapped around them, touching their skin. The atmosphere here was relaxing, totally different from the outside world. Kazuya wished he could spend everyday like that, cozy and enjoyable.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful here. Young Master, look – a deer!” Jin couldn’t hide the surprise in his voice.

“That’s normal. Sometimes even a bear may come out.”

“Eh? Is that true, Young Master…?” A hyper Jin soon was suddenly replaced by a frightened Jin.

Kazuya fought hard against the urge to laugh at the latter’s fright. The truth is he only said that to tease the older boy. It was funny how Jin believed the statement so easily.

“Don’t worry, hardly any will come out now,” Kazuya reassured the other with the fake straight face, trying not to laugh.

Those two took some time to explore the forest. Flowers, trees and the surrounding scenery looked different from Kazuya’s memory. Yes, everything must be change with time, to survive, they must change - simple law of nature.

The peaceful atmosphere was soon to be cut off by a loud roar. A distinct thunder growl tore through sky above them off. Kazuya gazed upwards with a puzzled expression. Just a few minutes ago, the sky was cloudless, so blue and high; now a mass of dark clouds covering the whole sight above them made the forest seem lightless.

“Young Master, I think it’s best if we head home. It’s going to rain soon.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

Kazuya urged his horse to a faster gallop. The thought of being soaking wet wasn’t comforting, and nor was the fact for that matter; his health wasn’t the greatest, but unfortunately for them, the water started to drop down of the sky seconds after they began their trek home. The rain drops grew big and bigger after more time passed, and the roar of thunder grew louder. Jin struggled to stay balanced upon his horse – the sleek water making it hard to stay upright. Another load growl from the sky, and suddenly they couldn’t see anything but a large wall of rain.

“Young Master, we can’t continue in this rain!” Jin advised Kazuya as his eyes searched for nearby shelter. Then he spotted something dark, hidden behind the wall of water. “Look, we can stay at that cave and wait for the rain to stop.”

The fierce rain made it hard for Kazuya to hear what Jin said, but from where Jin pointed, he understood what the other meant. The rain was already making him freeze; the rain drops hitting his face felt like rocks, and the thunder above made both horses jump in fright. Kazuya hurriedly changed his direction and headed toward the cave.

“Seems like its empty,” said Jin as he steered his horse inside and swiftly dismounted, settling the horse beside the far wall. “Young Master, please sit here.” The servant took out a blanket from the bag hanging attached to the horse’s saddle and spread it across the ground.

“Oh, I didn’t know you’d bring that here,” Kazuya mused. He averted Jin’s eyes as he too led his horse inside and dismounted. He let his horse settle beside his servant’s.

“I thought we could’ve gone on a picnic, so I brought it,” Jin explained to his Master with an embarrassing voice. The shyness immediately disappeared and was replaced with concern when he saw Kazuya shivering underneath his cold, soaked clothes.

“Young Master, are you okay? You seem to be cold.” He asked with worry.

“I’m ok. Don’t worry about me…” Kazuya never finished his sentence because Jin had already taken out another blanket from the bag and gently wrapped it around those shaking shoulders.

“I know it’s not the warmest but it’s better than nothing. You shouldn’t stay in those clothes either - they will make you catch a cold. I will find some wood to make a fire.”

The statement posed no argument despite the fact Kazuya was the Master and Jin, his servant. Never in his lifetime had Kazuya felt so confused. Even if Jin didn’t use any special or formal words, Kazuya felt that the older boy cared. And care was a rarity he ever received. He decided to follow Jin’s words and take off his soaked shirt.

Jin was walking around the cave. He started to collect the dry wood, leaves, and quickly arranged them into one place. Then, he went back to his horse and drew a box matches out of the bag. Kazuya had to say he was impressed by Jin’s thoughtfulness.

When the fire started burning, the cave brightened immensely against the sheet of rain pouring outside. It also allowed Jin to see Kazuya more clearly. The perfect body, the attractive curve and those tiny nipples in full view suddenly made all the blood rush to his head. Jin could feel his face change color. He wished he could touch that milky skin just once, embrace that fragile body into his chest and feel Kazuya’s breath against his skin.

“Ano…You don’t need to stand there and look at me like that. Just sit here.” A light blush formed on Kazuya’s face, but the firelight made it almost unnoticeable.

Kazuya’s order or suggestion to be more precise, made Jin’s fantasies stop. He slowly, headed toward the blanket where Kazuya was sitting and placed himself there.

“You’re wet too. Take off your clothes and let the fire dry them.” Kazuya let a moment pass before adding, “It’s unfair when I’m the only one topless here.” He thought the pout would go unnoticed, but the wide smirk quickly forming on the handsome boy’s face told otherwise.

“Thanks for your caring, Young Master, but I don’t think both of us topless is a good idea. It’s your word though.” And with a devilish grin, Jin proceeded to take off his soaked shirt.

Kazuya let his eyes roam over the older boy’s body despite all protests. He’s seen many boys bare before but this time, it felt entirely different. Why do I suddenly feel so hot and my head feel dizzy? Is there blood rushing to my head? Calm down, Kazuya! There is nothing to be worried or embarrassed about!

The blush on Kazuya’s face became more and more noticeable, and of course, it wouldn’t be left unnoticed by Jin. The older boy decided to tease his Master a bit more and asked, “Young Master, why is your face so flushed? Are you sick?” He then boldly put his hand upon Kazuya’s forehead, causing the poor boy to feel more miserable.

To escape from this awkward situation, Kazuya quickly changed the topic. “Ano…Don’t call me Young Master, just Kame. Young Master makes me feel like the others, and I don’t like that.” The look in Kazuya’s eyes was so determined that Jin forgot about their rank.

“If I do that, will you call me Jin then?” Jin asked, his eyes glimmering with hope. When Kazuya failed to answer, Jin nodded and said, “I guess your silence is a yes.”

Kazuya let out a sigh. Even if I’m against the Master – Slave thing, sometimes I wonder who the real Master between us is. In front of him, I completely powerless.

He remembered those moments he had to interact with the older boy in these past weeks. Sometimes, during his peaceful reading hours, Jin would peek into his room before bringing him tea or cookies which he never asked for, and then proceed to talk with him. If it was another person other than Jin, Kazuya may have counted the visits as annoying, but Jin’s presence made him feel so warm, so familiar – not the loneliness he’s always feeling.

Then another day, Jin would make him a cake with “Jinjin’s special recipe for Young Master” written across the top. Its title made him want to laugh, and the idiot grinning face of Jin made it even worse so he ended up laughing, a real laugh he hadn’t heard for the past few years. Jin’s actions were so cute in Kazuya’s eyes.

Oh my God! Why am I thinking about these memories? Why am I thinking he’s cute? Am I sick? Why do I have such strange feelings whenever he’s around? Kazuya was so busy debating to himself that he didn’t notice Jin slowly scooting closer to him. When he felt a sudden shiver vibrate against his arm, he realized he never made the action, and looked to his right.

“Sorry Ma…Kame, I didn’t mean to interrupt you…” Jin stuttered, suddenly nervous at the close proximity between him and the other boy.

Jin was shivering, Kazuya noticed. “Umm…Ak…J…Jin, are you cold?” he hesitantly asked.

“I’m fine,” Jin brushed him off more firmly. “You’re more important than me right now.” Then Jin started to rub his own hand against the skin of his arms in order to warm himself up.

“Don’t say anything about importance or not. We are all human, so we are all the same.”

And I don’t want you to see me as a high class item. I want you to see me like a human, like you. I want to experience more feeling when I’m with you. Those words died in Kazuya’s throat. He silent cursed himself for thinking such embarrassing things.

Jin smiled, the result of Kazuya’s words. Even if he had a special feeling for the boy, he was stilled scared about Kazuya’s feelings for him too. He had heard about Kazuya’s dislike with the world around him, but he felt unsure if Kazuya was willing to make friends or possibly more with a person like him. Jin kept pushing the boy because he felt that if he should stop, he won’t have a chance to stand up again.

“The blanket is large. Maybe it’s big enough for me and…you.” Kazuya cursed himself again for being so bold and lame and easy to blush. His attempts at making the atmosphere lighter have only made it more difficult for him to be around Jin.

Of course, Jin wouldn’t believe he had just heard those words come from the latter’s lips, but looking at the blush on Kazuya’s face, he knew he heard right after all. Yeah, maybe happy is not the word that could describe exactly how he felt right now, and the inner Jin was jumping up and down crazily, hand stretched out with the victory sign.

“Could you stop with that ugly look of yours? I didn’t mean anything else by it, so try tempting me – I’m scarier than the most pissed off Tat-chan.” Kazuya gave a huge death glare to emphasize his point, but Jin continued to grin like mad.

Of course, many months with Kamenashi family let Jin discover more about Kazuya, even his dark side. He became friends with the servants, and after gaining their trust was able to hear about the many stories which made up the Kazuya of today. There were good ones, bad ones, and even the one when he got mad at the other.

Since Kazuya entered elementary school, he was the prettiest boy of his entire class, probably the entire school too. So, all the attention, from both boys and girls, was directed toward him. Some of them were just envious of his beauty and some of them were just plain jealous and desired it from him. One of those who wanted to get him, was an annoying boy who Kazuya never wanted to see his face but constantly came to him, giving him flowers, treats, and candy…

This guy was only nice to Kazuya though, others were a completely different matter. He badmouthed someone behind their back, bullied the newbie and even made girls cry. Maybe because he came from a very rich family and was spoiled since he was a baby caused his personality to develop in such a way.

One day, or to be exact, the Valentine’s Day of that year, said-boy showed up in front of Kazuya, shoving chocolates into Kazuya’s hands. Kazuya didn’t want them so he pushed it back, but the other never gave up. He persisted for Kazuya to accept his chocolates. Then, the whole situation became worse. The boy’s constant shoving of chocolates caused an ink bottle to fall from a nearby shelf and splatter its contents all over a girl’s book and uniform.

The girl’s face contorted with shock and tears as she quickly ran from her seat and out of the room. Making a girl cry was the worst in Kazuya’s book, especially when another boy made a girl shed tears. He couldn’t hold his anger inside anymore, so he grabbed the boy’s shirt hem and landed a powerful hit to the annoying boy’s face. That punch cost some teeth too. Everyone underestimates the strength of Kazuya because of his fragile appearance.

“Don’t do that again, you bastard! And don’t ever come near me again either. If I see your face once more or hear about another low action from one of my classmates, I swear you will have no place even to bury yourself after death.” This was the first time anyone heard Kazuya’s low tone, his icy tongue, and it sent shivers down the spines of everyone in the class.

The punch and threat sent the boy running away, fearing for his life. It also taught everyone in the class one thing: “If you want to live a happy life, never provoke Kazuya.”

Remembering those things didn’t help Jin with his situation now. Jin fought the urge to tease the boy’s embarrassment, but if he lost his life now he may not have the chance to get closer with the boy.

Kazuya’s hands gently wrapped the blanket around Jin. Just like the natural law, Kazuya snuck closer to Jin as humanly possible, seeking more warmth. They didn’t talk, just enjoyed the feeling of each other as well as the heat from the fire. It was like they were in their own world, and not the ranked, confusing world just outside that cave entrance.

The comfort almost made Jin’s head drop sleepily, but a weight hit his shoulder first, making him look to his side. Beside him, Kazuya slept peacefully, head resting upon Jin’s large shoulder. His heart skipped a beat at this beautiful sight. Jin smiled silently and rested his head against Kazuya’s, letting himself drift asleep before having to wake and head back home.

Outside, the rain was not hard as before, only a few rain drops fell before the cave ground. The forest seemed to be supplied with a new vitality, like Jin himself had just received with the change in Kazuya’s attitude. It’s definitely a good step for them, a step by step, with nothing to be rushed.

Ippo dutsu de ii sa kono te wo hanasazu ni
Tomoni ayunda hibi ga iki tsuduketeru kara
Just one step at a time; don't let go of my hand
The days we spent together still live