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05 February 2010 @ 07:44 pm
すなどけい (Sunadokei) - Chapter 3  
Title: すなどけい (Sunadokei)
Author: blue_fire0013 
Genre: AU, angst
Pairing: Akame, Junda, TaNaka and more to come
Rating: PG-13 for now, maybe comes up later
Disclaimer: Even if I really want to own them but Johnny-san won’t share them with me~~
Summary: Love is never come from an easy way. For the one they love, they must fight till the end. But how long can they last? Or they will give up half way? No one know the answer except themselves
A/N: Thanks fire-chan firehead41  for beta-ing

    CHAPTER 3 : To the faraway star...

It has almost been a month since his last meeting with Jin. After he heard about the accident which happened with the poor boy, he couldn’t stop himself from worrying. Nakamaru, or Maru like his friend always called him, was very angry at Genko for what she has done. But because she is Jin’s mother, he couldn’t really do anything to her. He searched all the markets, all the places which could sell slaves, but he couldn’t find his friend.

Maybe Jin was taken somewhere far away, so far away that Maru may never see him again.

“Mom, I want to eat that bread!” A child’s voice woke him up from his thoughts.

“Okay, anything for you, sweetie!” her mother replied with a soft smile on her face.

“Young man, can I have this for my little girl here?” she asked Maru with her gentle voice as she took the bread from him. After giving her daughter the small loaf, she gave Maru some coins, but unfortunately he couldn’t grasp all of them at once, causing one coin to fall to the floor. The coin continuously rolled across the crowded street, passing through people legs and under their feet. Maru found it hard to keep tracking the coin’s path.

“Could someone help me?” he groaned in desperation as he followed the coin’s “path” somewhat horribly. To leave his work stand was a bit dumb, but he wanted his coin back.

And it seemed like God could hear him, for the coin suddenly stopped under someone’s foot. Maru hurriedly ran toward that man, relief easily found on his face as he stopped in front of the other.

“Is this yours?” the stranger asked as he held the coin between his fingers. He had a scary appearance, but somehow Maru could feel warmth and friendliness from the other’s small grin. He wore a black suite which fit perfectly to his body.

“Hai; could you give it back to me?” Maru tried to calm down his breathing after such a long run.

“Of course,” came the man’s answer, “How can I take something that doesn’t belong to me; especially if it belongs to someone as cute as you?”

A light blush slowly formed on Maru face. This was definitely the first time he was commented by a guy or maybe this was the first time he was commented in general. The man’s hand raised in front of his eyes; Maru’s coin still between his fingers.

“Here, take it back. By the way, I’m Takana Koki, you can call me just Koki though. May I know you name?” Still the same polite tone as this Koki asked another question.

Maru quickly debated the possible outcomes, dangerous or not, by telling the man his name. In the end, he still introduced himself. “I’m Nakamaru Yuichi, my friend always calls me Maru so you can do the same. Koki-san, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” He ended with a slight bow before adding quite quickly, “If you don’t mind, I must continue my job, so see you later.” He was still in middle of work, so even if he did want to talk more it was impossible.

“Hai, see you soon. And one more thing, just Koki, don’t add the san behind my name.”

With that, two people, who thought that their meeting was just a coincidence, took their leaves. They already seemed to like each other, but they didn’t think that they would meet each other again. But could anyone predict the whimsical threads of destiny? No one really knew.

Back at the Kamenashi Household, a large party was quickly prepared. Flower, champagne, and food was sent to and into the house, sending the servants running everywhere. It was a busy day for Kamenashi Household.

Meanwhile, the Young Master of the house was still in his room, calmly reading his book, not seeming to care about the hustle outside his room. But soon enough his comfortable silence was broken when his father banged violently against his bedroom door.

“Kazuya! Are you still reading? You need to prepare yourself right now; the party will start in half an hour. I want you down here on time with a positive attitude. Dress nicely, and don’t make me look a fool. You understand?”

“Hai hai, I heard, Otou-san,” Kazuya answered as he closed his book. Kazuya absentmindedly wondered what his business was in this nonsense of a party. He didn’t care about society or the high class; he just wanted to live a normal life.

When he was born, his fate was already decided for him. He would follow his father’s path and become a noble living the rich life. But within Kazuya, there was something missing. He never said he didn’t like a satisfactory life, but he always felt lonely. In his world, no one put their real feelings out in the open. His father, Toshiro, never seemed to care for anything anymore since his mother’s death. She had died after giving birth to Kazuya; since then, his father became motionless – an empty human being.

During his early years as a child, he learned everything a normal noble would have to learn. Even if his sword skill was beyond good, he preferred not to use it. Violence didn’t help solve anything, in his opinion. He wanted to read many books, and extend his knowledge to help people. But every time he said this to Toshiro, all he received was just a careless sentence like, “Don’t bother me with this stupid thing again. Just accept your place here and now.”

His relatives seemed not care about him either. All the admiration and praise was just the façade; a fake mask that covered the whole of the Kamenashi Household. The people he could really talk to though were the servants in his house. His friendly aura and caring actions toward them touched their hearts, making them able to respect him in a good way.
But it didn’t mean that he could freely tell them about his thought and feeling.

Temporarily putting all his thought aside, Kazuya made his way to his closet to change his clothes and prepare for the night party. After he was dressed in his opinion quite suitably, the party downstairs was about to start. He slowly took his steps down to the dining hall where guests would be waiting. Kazuya gently, step by step, walked down the large staircase, leading to the grand hall of his household.

He was wearing a white dress shirt with some feather attached onto the left side of his torso. A few white gems made the shirt shine with a sense of style, nothing overly grand. The tight pants he chose complemented his shirt perfectly, making him that much more sexy and beautiful before everyone’s eyes. It was understandable as to why everyone suddenly became so silent at that scene.

And everyone means everyone in that hall, including Jin, the one busying himself with serving drink after drink to his Master’s guests.

It was probably the most breath taking scene he ever laid eyes on. After taking a moment to recover from his shocked state, Jin noticed there’s something more in the smile Kazuya was putting on his face. His eyes seemed to talk about everything he was feeling. Despite the fact he has to continuously serve drinks to the guests, Jin couldn’t keep his eyes of the young master.

Kazuya made his way to Toshiro, who was happily chatting away with his friends. Seeing Kazuya walking toward him, he made a small smile and said, “Kazuya, Yamashita-san is here. Don’t let him be lonely.” Toshiro pointed to the place where Yamashita was standing.

Yamashita Tomohisa, Yamapi for short, was a friend of Kazuya since they were children. Kazuya, Tatsuya, and Yamapi used to play with each other all the time, but because of the Yamashita family moving to another city, they hardly get to meet each other all together nowadays. That didn’t stop their friendship though; those three still kept in contact and visit the other’s houses whenever they got the chance.

Upon seeing his best friend walking toward him, Yamapi’s face broke out into a huge smile as he greeted, “Kame-chan, long times no see! I missed you so much~~~” Yamapi ended that with a familiar death hug. Kazuya held his breath as he was embraced tightly by the other, smiling nonetheless.

“Hello Pi, I’m happy to see you again. But if you don’t mind, can you release me? I think I’m going to die.” Kazuya wheezed the question out with much effort while trying to get out of Yamapi’s death hug. All efforts were futile; Yamapi’s strong arms were wrapped tightly around Kazuya’s much thinner body and didn’t have any intent to let go soon.

“See you then Pi, I’m dying…” He closed his eyes and cut off all his breathe. It definitely effected the taller boy sinceYamapi released Kazuya almost immediately after that, and started shaking his friend’s tiny shoulders.

“Gomen, Kame-chan, you can’t leave me like this though! Don’t leave me, Kame-chan…waaahhh!” Now Yamapi started sobbing.

Kazuya held back his laughter and opened his eyes, chuckling, “You’re so easy to deceive, Pi-chan. Don’t worry, I’m still alive.” Kazuya tried hard not to laugh at his friend’s reaction. He didn’t expect Yamapi to start sobbing like that; how childish but Pi-like. “Hey, don’t cry, I’m still alive, ne. Sorry for making you worried.”

Hearing that from Kazuya, Yamapi lifted his head to look at the latter. Relief could easily be seen at his face.

“Don’t scare me like that! You know I’m always worried for you.” He gently patted Kazuya’s head. Behind the smiling eyes though, Yamapi could tell there was more than what was showing; they haven’t been friends since childhood for nothing. Kazuya was the easiest person to read too.

The two friend’s actions didn’t go unnoticed by the young servant boy though. Why were Kazuya and that other man acting so intimate? I have never seen him act like this with anyone except Ueda-san. Was he another friend?

Anyone just needed a closer look at Jin to tell that the guy was jealous over the other man.

He wished he was the one Kazuya was talking too so closely. He wished he was the one Kazuya would smile for, and the one who shared all his feelings with. Despite all his wishes though, he and Kazuya belonged to different worlds. He, a servant, couldn’t possibly approach his master in such an intimate way, especially within the public eyes.

The public of the rich and higher standards.

Just when Jin felt desperate enough to dare approach the young master, a chance appeared in front of him. After a little chat between Kazuya and Yamapi, some girls approach them, or to be more exact, approach Yamapi. They acted all flirty and touchy toward him and not even the beautiful Kazuya.

“Yamashita-san, please, dance with me?” asked one of the noble girls sweetly.

“But…” Yamapi glanced at Kazuya, whose mood now looked disappointed due to the noisy girls. He still gave Yamapi a reassuring smile and said, “Don’t mind about me, Pi. It wouldn’t be nice if you leave these beautiful girls sad.” Before Yamapi could protest, Kazuya waved to his friend and swiftly took his leave.

But at that moment, Jin was unable to catch up with the young man. Guest after guest kept showing up at his table to order food and drinks. He let out a long sigh. This was probably the rarest chance God was going to give him, and yet, he won’t be able to catch it.

God, you give me a chance when I least expect it. How cruel.

With a disappointed heart, he continued his job until almost midnight. The guests slowly began to leave; only a few familiar with Toshiro remained, talking about some business issues. Jin finally had his break to rest as he sat down in an empty chair, so he let his eyes roam over the entire room.

And of course, he searched for his soon-to-be Kazuya.

Where is he now? I can hardly keep track of Kamenashi-san’s own son in this place. Why do I even try though? I still can’t talk to him…

A glimpse of a white shirt caught his eyes immediately. Even from behind, Jin could tell that it was Kazuya. Because of the hard work, Jin never noticed that the young man had stood on the balcony for practically the whole night. Jin riskily made his way toward Kazuya, thinking about what he would say, or more-so, what he should say.

Kazuya was leaning against the balcony railing, facing the doorway which Jin now nervously stepped through. After clearing his voice, Jin hesitantly asked, “Young Master, why are you here? The party hasn’t ended yet.”

Kazuya turned around to look at the servant he had brought home a month ago. He didn’t think Jin would have the courage to talk with him this early, nonetheless this moment alone and away from his work.

“I just wanted some fresh air,” Kazuya supplied simply, giving no further comment.

“Ah. I kind-of noticed since you came downstairs that a party wasn’t for you. Somehow, I can feel the different between you and them.” Jin almost regretted every word slipping from his mouth. Maybe he was already being too straightforward, and randomly spurting things out before thinking through them wasn’t such a great idea.

Completely shocked by his servant’s words, Kazuya narrowed his eyes and gave Jin a hard glare. Right then he felt the need to scold his servant, but Kazuya slowly though the words over. There were so many things different between the older man and the rich-life he was now currently serving. Careless, cheerful, and even living as low as a servant, Jin could have any freedom in his own way. That, all-in-all, made Kazuya very envious of Jin.

“You’re right,” Kazuya slowly replied, letting his expression relax. “I feel that I don’t belong to a world where everyone and everything is fake. I’m tired of living in such a world.” Jin kept silent as the young master took in a long breath before continuing. “My mother died after I was born, leaving my father to take care of me up until now. Since I could understand him, I never though once that he loved me. I was the person who killed his only love. But for me, I don’t have any clue about love could possibly be. All my father cared about was whether I had good grades or not. Can never ruin the Kamenashi name, now can I? I guess that was my punishment…”

Hearing so many unexpected confessions from the other caused Jin’s heart to be confused. A father must love his son no matter what, right? So why was Kazuya’s case this unusual? There must be a reason for it. Listening was Jin’s specialty, his gift. Thank God that his sixth sense was true.

Kazuya stopped talking. It must be the first time he has ever talked about what he thought about his life and his father, except Ueda and Yamapi. He didn’t know why he did that, but by seeing Jin here, something made Kazuya forget all about his pain and his past. He could feel warmth and something…something he couldn’t even name swirling in his chest.

 The two didn’t talk about anything more. They just lifted their heads to look at the beautiful starry sky above them. Each was thinking about different things.

Time seemed to stop around them. The company of each other was warm and comforting.

In the sky, a single star was shining magnificently, as if it was touched by the scene below.

Faraway star, today I know more about him. The more I know, the more I feel I must be by his side.
Save him from his loneliness, and allow me to be his happiness.
Just watch over me, I’ll definitely do bring him happiness, no matter what price I must pay…


“You’re still here?” asked Tatsuya as he stood opposite of the other man within the Kamenashi garden. “I thought you’ve been gone for awhile now.”

“How can I leave when I haven’t talked with you!” the blonde-haired boy answered with a pout. “Don’t act so cold, Tat-chan~~. I missed you and I know you missed me too!” A large grin appeared on the blonde’s face as his cheeks puffed out even further.

“Don’t push your damn luck, Junno. I figure you have lots you want to accomplish yet in life, so don’t make me take that away,” Tatsuya answered smoothly, giving the other a death glare.

The man in front of him is Taguchi Junnosuke, known more-so as Junno by Tat-chan, Kazuya, and Yamapi. He became friends with Tatsuya first out of everyone, then got to know Kazuya and Yamapi later on. His house was near Tatsuya’s, so he spent most of his time with the pretty boy. They always were playing with each other when they were kids up until now. Since their futures were more important, he and Tatsuya took different ways, leading them more apart than they would’ve hoped for.

There was a line though, between friendship and love. The thinnest line possible, but it was still there. They shared a strong friendship in childhood, but as they grew up, they realized the way they felt for each other had grown into something much more than friendship. They knew their feelings for each other like the back of their hands, so what was the problem?

Confessing of course.

Junno was the royal warrior, even if he didn’t like to fight. He had his own reason for it and no one knew what it could possibly be. Tatsuya’s parent knew their son had talent in music when he was a child, so they let him continue in that path. After allowing that, Tatsuya became the King musician in the entire area. Tatsuya always was the King while Junno always remained around the border area therefore making him, the royal guard.

Just a confession could change their whole life, causing them to lose everyone around them. They didn’t want to risk that, so they kept their feeling inside their hearts.

Having this chance to meet each other at a place like this, they no need to talk more. They just enjoyed each other’s company, feeling the warmth from each other. Sometimes, words spoken don’t mean much. They looked up at the same beautiful sky as Kazuya and Jin…

Faraway star, how can I be with him forever…
Tell me, what I should do…